Our standard guitars follow the same construction philosophy of the former one but with a more familiar feel. The construction is simpler, with minimal decorations and finishes. The guitar is built with very stable sides and back in order to vibrate as little as possible and transmit all the energy to the soundboard which is the element that vibrates and produces sound. Given the instrument strength and stability, the choice of wood used for sides and back is only aesthetic and has no influence on the quality/production of sound. Also on this model the chaining of the board is our unique creation, yet closer to the traditional one, and we do not use artificial materials (Nomex, Carbon) because in our experience wood offers more performance and greater expressiveness thanks to greater timbral ductility.


String Lenght: 646 mm
String width: 42 mm nut – 58 mm bridge
Neck width: 53 mm nut – 63 mm 12° fret
Coating: two-component polyurethane satin-finish.
– Guitar Case Included –


Soundboard: Red Cedar Canada / Red Spurce Val di Fiemme-Italy
Neck: Maoghany
Fretboard: Ebony Africa
Bridge: Loro Preto
Back and side: Maple / Italian Cypress / Italian Nut / Imbuia Nut Brasile / Daniela Nut

– Being an basic model any extras should be evaluated beforehand and may influence price –

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