Our Romantic Style Guitars are copies of vintage guitars that resambles (exclusively in shape and size) guitars from the late 700’s and early 800’s,

For an exact copy of a specific original model please contact us.


String Lenght: 630 / 640 mm
String width: 40 mm nut – 57 mm bridge.
Neck width: 50 mm nut – 58 mm 12° fret.
Neck thickness: 21 mm 1° fret – 24 mm 9° fret.
(Sizes can be changed)
Machine heads: Wittner Fine Tuning Peg Flamenco


Soundboard: Red Spurce Val di Fiemme-Italy
Neck: Nut / Maple (black colured Romantic-Style)
Fretboard: Ebony Africa
Bridge: Ebony Makassar
Back and side: Curly Maple / eye’s bird Maple / Nut

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