Giussani guitars is a family business ran by Gioachino Giussani wellknown in luthier
world for forty-five years flanked by his promising son Jacopo who brings a fresh and
young vision to the firm and manages the entrepreneurial part of it.

“Gioachino Giussani is one of the luthiers dearest to me and among the most creative
ones who, despite the international recognition for the precious result of his
research, still follows his own way. Always open to innovative ideas, sometimes
inspired by the natural environment of Anghiari, sometimes chosen in harmony with his
joyful character and love for beauty, which he knows how to find within himself and
which transpires in every constructive detail of his instruments, by now among the
best of today’s luthiers.”

– Oscar Ghiglia

“Gioachino Giussani is one of the greatest exponents of Italian guitar making. His
work is steeped in tradition: he is a direct descendant of Carlo Raspagni and,
strengthened by his character and his knowledge and know-how, he has subsequently
developed a research that has borne abundant fruits with substantial innovations in
the structure and sound of the instruments that he builds as works of art. His son
Jacopo has been working alongside him for some time: this heralds the beginning of
another of the dynasties that have given glory to national guitar making.”
– Angelo Gilardino

“My spruce “Giussani” is a comfortable instrument with a clear, well-defined sound
that reaches far.
The feature I appreciate the most is its precise response to color nuances, in tune
with my way of playing.
It also sounds good in recordings: I recently used it for some recordings of South
American music (Bachianinha, Chuva na praia de Yuqui, Tio Pancho) which can now be
listened to on Spotify and other Internet platforms”.

– Flavio Cucchi