"It is through sound and expressiveness that we are able to appreciate and enjoy music."

About us


Since 1976 experience, research, experimentation and care for details have been giving life to unique creations suitable for every need.

Giussani guitars is a family business ran by Gioachino Giussani wellknown in luthier world for forty-five years flanked by his promising son Jacopo who brings a fresh and young vision to the firm and manages the entrepreneurial part of it.

The Guitars

Thanks to our experience, essential design and careful choice of materials, we offer high-performance instruments at affordable prices.

We offer two models of classical guitars: Gioachino Giussani guitars and Jacopo Giussani guitars, to which we add romantic 700/800 guitars. We also have used guitars, bargains, and other instruments. Come and visit us, we are waiting for you in our workshop among the green hills of Tuscany, in the meantime take a look at the selection of our products.

Gioachino Giussani Guitars

The guitar is built with very stable sides and back in order to vibrate as little as possible and discharge all the energy to the board, which is the part that vibrates and produces sound...

Jacopo Giussani Guitars

The guitar follows the same construction philosophy but with a more familiar feel. The construction is simpler, the decorations and finishes more minimal...

Romantic Guitars 700/800

We define for romantic guitar a copy of a vintage guitar, end 700 beginning 800, exclusively in shape and size, then in Romantic Style...

We also have used guitars, bargains, and other instruments.

Our Partners