"A good guitar is already in the wood you choose; bringing it to life in the realm of music is a fascinating task."

About us

Since 1976 experience, research, experimentation and care for details have been giving life to unique creations suitable for every need.

“It is through sound and expressiveness that we are able to appreciate and enjoy music.”


Giussani guitars is a family business ran by Gioachino Giussani wellknown in luthier world for forty-five years flanked by his promising son Jacopo who brings a fresh and young vision to the firm and manages the entrepreneurial part of it.


“Our aim is to offer instruments characterized by polyphonic clarity, tonal richness, balance, sustain, projection and volume.”

In 1976, in Milan, Gioachino started his own activity dedicating himself to the construction of plucked instruments, both folk and classical, and in 1983 he focused exclusively on classical guitars, paying particular attention to the new acoustic-environmental needs of the instrument.

His considerable production allows him a wide range of experimentation, such as to validate his personal acoustic research. He gains an excellent success at international level with the appreciation of guitarists of worldwide fame.


“We have chosen to maintain sustainable prices, avoiding the lure of speculation that expresses the false notion that, higher prices mean higher quality.”

Jacopo ganes experience and skills building electric guitars, percussions and didgeridoos, and in 2005 he turnes his attention to producing handmade affordable classical and acoustic guitars. He collaborates with his father to the construction of concert instruments and follows independently a simple and essential classical guitar line.